Gut Health

These nutritional products are especially supportive of gut health.  The Aloe Concentrate comes in 4 flavours, original, mango, mandarin and grape.  You can the Aloe into water, a smoothie, consume it straight or even add to some sparkling water to enjoy a yummy calorie free gut friendly sparkling drink/wine 🙂

The probiotics will help support gut health adn the multivitamin has the micronutrients to support over all health and herbs for cellular health.

You can increase the fibre content to support bowel motions and gut health via the apple flavoured fibre supplement.  You can also increase the over nutrient profile in your eating plan via the vegan (Formula 1)  smoothie.  This will provide 7 grams of soluble fibre.  You may also consider to increase the protein content of your smoothie via the banana or coffee flavoured protein powder.  Which is also another way of increasing the fibre content also.

More details of each product can be seen within the PDF booklet and the price list  can be viewed here.

Please use this as a starting point and allowing a discussion for clarification and individualization with your personal coach or contact us to organize a coach for you.