Purchase Your Skincare

If for any reason, your are not completely satisfied with any Herbalife product purchased from Herbalife.com, we offer an exchange or a full refund (excluding shipping charges). Simply request a refund from Herbalife within thirty (30) days from your receipt of the product by contacting our Customer Service Department at Herbalife.com.
Prior to purchasing your skin care, you need to initially decide your skin type, oily or dry..  Dry skin is defined as flaky skin, otherwise your skin type would be normal to oily.  In fact most people would have normal to oily skin

The price of each skin care program can be purchased at 25%, 35%, 42% or 50%. The prices can be seen in the image below, which is inclusive of GST and postage and handling.  Items can be purchased individually, they do not have to be bought as a package.  You can view the prices of each individual item, once you register.

Please contact your coach to help get you started with your first purchase.