Lets start this section with a laugh. How many of the points in the video can you relate to?

Ok yes it was tongue in cheek stuff there, lets stop being squashed down and learn how to stand tall by thinking and moving differently. If this is the first time you have read this page in order as suggested, then you would have learnt what to eat and how to eat a little of everything guilt free. This is the beginning to raising your standards and altering your beliefs/thoughts that are holding you back. Standing Tall, is a process that I would now like to take you through to help you change your limiting beliefs at a deeper level to keep you internally strong to achieve greater things all the time.

So lets begin.

Below is also a video from Turia Pitt who explains very beautifully how powerful your mind is. The activity discussed in the call above is about removing the mask and unleashing the real you.

The power of your thoughts and body posture has a profound effect on your mind set and inner confidence to find and keep the strength to keep going.  Self belief and how your mind thinks is gold. During the weight loss Oakleigh Grammar fundraiser, Helen Bauzon ran an hour teleconference meeting taking you through the process of completing a daily 15minute exercise to reach your peak mind set and repeat it as needed throughout the day to keep it.  Please allow yourself a good 90minutes to work through at your own pace and room to move.

In preparation, please download the handout STANDING-TALL , to work through during the call, below.  Feel to start the audio from about 9minute mark, prior to this a number of questions are answered.