How To Apply Your Skincare

The 5 steps to the skincare regime include:

    Step 1. Cleanse, wet face and gently rub a 3cm volume of cleanser over your neck and face. (Avoid eye area), then rinse off.

    Step 2. Toner, either spray directly onto face or 2-4 pumps onto a cotton wool and wipe whole neck and face.  Allow skin to dry.

    Step 3. Serum, spread 2 pumps of the serum over your neck and face.

    Step 4. Eye cream: Morning Re-firming gel, evening Hydrating cream.  Apply one pump around each eye.

    Step 5. Moisturizer:   Day time moisturizer (30SPF)  / Night Time, hydrating moisturizer.  Apply 2 pumps over neck and face.


Treatment 2-3 times per week includes, using berry scrub and the mint mask.

  • Replace the cleanser with the berry scrub, used in the exact same manner as the cleanser.
  • Once skin is rinsed and dried, apply the mint mask over neck and face
  • Continue from step 2 Toner onwards as usual using the daytime or night time products, all dependent on when you applied the mask.


To view the ingredients and the role/benefit of each product in the skin care range, please click the following link, Your Skins Nutrition