3 Skin Care Programs

There are three Herbalife skin care packages, Ultimate, Advanced and Basic skin care packages.  

The difference between each of the three programs is the amount of product.  For best results, you would begin with the Ultimate Skin Care Program.  To view the skin care results, please click here.  The Ultimate programs contain the full range of products including:

  1. Cleanser: Leaves your skin, clear, soft and clean
  2. Toner: Further cleans and rehydrates your skin
  3. Serum:  Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and  softens, increases smoothness, radiance and glow to your skin
  4. Eye care: Firming eye for the morning and rehydrating eye cream for the evening
  5. Moisturizer:  Day time glow moisturizer cream with 30 SPF  and night time hydrating cream
  6. Treatment: 2-3 times  week.  This consists of a berry scrub (exfoliates the skin)  and a mint mask (noes your skin and removes dirt and absorbs excess oil).

Compared to the Ultimate Skin Care Package,  the Advanced Program contains all of the above products mentioned excluding the treatment of the berry scrub and mint mask.  The Basic Program only has Step 1, 2 and 5, no serum or eye care.

The three skin care packages are  separated into two skin types.  This includes, normal to oily  or normal to dry skin.  It is easy to identify your skin type. Dry skin is described as flaky dry skin.  If you do not fit into this category, then your skin would be normal to oily.  Most peoples skin type is normal to oily.  The Aloe Vera based skincare is Paraben and Sulphate free and dermatologist tested.  The images below display the range of products.

There are numerous frequently asked questions (FAQ) that you can refer to that will  answer questions you have not even thought of, these can be viewed by clicking here.